Set Up Your Local Dev Environment

The Visualization SDK makes it easy to write small Javascript apps on the top of GoodData APIs. The SDK also provides GoodData Platform visual extensibility - the ability to create custom data visualization widgets for your dashboards.

You can use Bower to manage this library. The result of the build is in dist/gooddata[.min].js. Result of the build is UMD compatible, you can use it both globally and as UMD module.

Follow the instructions below to set up your environment. Next, we recommend that you review the getting started tutorial, which shows you the whole process of creating the a custom visualization from scratch. After that you can modify and explore our examples.


NOTE: MacOS users can install Homebrew first and then run:

$ brew install git node yarn


  1. Clone your GoodData SDK repository with:

    $ git clone

  2. Get the library dependencies with the following commands:

    $ yarn install

  3. Go to the repository folder and run:

    $ grunt
    the built library is created at dist/gooddata.min.js

  4. Run the following command to set up local server:

    $ grunt dev
    This command starts the proxy that allows your script to communicate with

    NOTE: For white-labeled organizations, you can set up your proxy to call a different backend server with $ grunt dev --backend={your-gooddata-server-url} (use url without protocol prefix e.g., not

  5. Go to localhost:8443 to verify the environment is ready.

Congratulations! You are ready to build your first visualization. Learn how to do it with this tutorial.